Technologies and society.

If there is just the development level of technology that will colonize the Solar System? What social society's structure will help colonize more quickly at least the Solar System?
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Survival of the colonies.

What technologies for the extraction of which fossil are necessary to provide the colony with energy, water and air on planets like Mars, Venus, the satellites of Jupiter in various star systems?
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For space colonization we need large, protected and guaranteeing a comfortable flight spaceships with a reliable life support system. The only question is where to build these ships: in space or on the planets, asteroids, or the planets satellites.
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Travel in space.

The problem of space travel consists of several parts. For example, the maintaining the physical and mental health. Our journal offers the authors to describe the various aspects of problems related with space travel.

Accidents and their prevention.

Technologies for prevention of the accidents consequences will be the foundation for the development of settlements colonists on asteroids, planets and satellites. On which principle should be based these technologies? For example, small power consumption.
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Space microorganisms.

During the space colonization, people encounter with alien microorganisms. For example, we can use microorganisms to change the soil for growing vegetables. How else we can employ these microorganisms for the good?
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The first states space colonies.

The first states space colonies. Some time will pass and colonies, due to improvement of life conditions, will want to create their own States. What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for the the states space colonies creation on the various types of space bodies?
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The wars between the colonies.

Perhaps the most popular topic for the movies. But yet, it's necessary to understand better the possible reasons of space dominance.
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The aliens.

Today we know only organic life forms. Is it possible the existence of inorganic forms of life? If it is possible, in which conditions do these forms of life may exist?
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Stellar systems colonization

Stellar systems colonization is so distant prospect that it seems fantastic. On the other hand, in the 50-ies of the twentieth century, people couldn’t even dream about the iPhone, iPad and other gadgets, because even in the most advanced minds of that time wasn’t the conceptual dictionary, which allowed to formulate some modern gadgets principles. A big problem of other star systems colonization isn’t so much a question of time, but of creation the hyperspace engine.

Space pioneers

Certainly, the first colonizers of the Solar System planets and satellites are astronauts, engineers, scientists, soldiers, workers who will test and adapt technologies for the support livelihoods to tough conditions on planets and satellites. Our journal shows different opinions about the ways of colonization and the required technologies. The Solar System colonization is the first step to development of other star systems.

Solar System colonization

Will people, in the near future, be able to create colonies on the Moon, Mars or even the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn? In order to answer this, people from all over the world will need to contribute to the solving of many diverse and complicated problems. For example, the means of delivering explorers and migrants (space vehicles and systems) needs to be developed which will provide protection from harsh radiation and space debris while traveling through the Solar System.
The Space Colonization Journal provides a platform from which other examples and a variety of opinions can be shared and discussed within the community.

Stellar systems colonization
Space pioneers
Solar System colonization

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