Editorial Team

Abstract Issue 2, 2015

This article discusses the kinetic jet engine mode of application for cargo output to the earth orbit. Spacecraft acceleration is carried out by the use of impulse and kinetic energy of the special guided probes. These probes are ejected from the moon surface by means of throwers and move toward the Earth. The probes’ velocity increases under the Earth’s gravity. As a result, the group of high-speed probes is formed in the near-Earth space, and they can be used for cargo output into the earth orbit, using the kinetic jet engine. Spacecraft climbs above the Earth’s surface to an altitude of several tens or hundreds of kilometers using reusable carrier. Thereafter, reusable carrier returns to the Earth’s surface and the spacecraft begins its acceleration due to the capture of moon probes.
Reference: Valentin Podvisotsky. Kinetic jet engine mode of application. Space Colonization Journal, Issue 2, 2015, pp. 1-16. URL; http://jour.space/issues/issue-2-2015