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On cannibals and our journal.

1. Russian officials “friendly” about our journal:

1.1. On these arguments Mrs. Kirillova said: “This is who we have here a great? They themselves are able to include your journal in English and American Science Citation Index”. She further added that well, no big deal that Agris and all British Science Citation Index picked up a journal..”.

1.2. Press secretary of the Russian space agency head Irina Zubareva: “Your appeal is considered. I inform you that the Russian Federal Space Agency is not authorized to give orders to the enterprises’ employees on an indicated topic. After getting acquainted with your resource and publications aspects I advise you to contact the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SRI) which is the leading academic institution in the exploration and use of outer space for the benefit of basic sciences. Perhaps that is where you will find the answer to the essence of your treatment“.

1.3. etc.

2.1. Russian scientific officials “friendly” about our journal:

D. Sc. in Physics  and mathematics  Oleg Korablev who is the Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science and the head of the solar system’s planets and small bodies physics department to render any assistance with the involvement of authors in winter 2013. Dr. Korablev replied: “It bothers me by the Space Colonization Journal’s title“.
Let us ask: Is Dr. Korablev pounded by Space Colonization Technical Committee’s title? Response: No, because you can only humiliate those who cannot answerback!

2.2. etc.

Modern man-eaters, these are not necessarily those who eat flesh. They are those who will in order to stay great for 3 seconds in their understanding they will humiliate and forbid. And then they go to the developed countries and want to be righteous and to have democratic pleasant aroma.
But in today’s world this does not happen. The world sees cannibals and ignores them.
That’s exactly what happened that for Russian space agency delegates denied Australian visit visas.