Alexander Sanin

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Space Colonization Journal, Issue 3, 2014.


An important stage space colonization is research aimed at finding extraterrestrial civilizations. Long-term, more than 50 -year search and attempts to establish contact with the hypothetical extraterrestrial civilizations (the program SETI – Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) do not give a positive result yet. The main stages of this work and possible directions for improving their efficiency. Various solutions to the problem of the origin and evolution of the rate of extraterrestrial civilizations within the linear approach Drake and the Fermi paradox. Uncertainty in the understanding of key issues SETI does not allow us to predict the establishment of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations in the foreseeable future. Article written on the basis of author’s report to the Club of Russian-speaking scholars of Massachusetts (Boston) in September 2013.

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