Alexander Bagrov, Valentin Sysoev and Konstantin Pichkhadze

The concept of high-speed penetrator for payload delivering to space bodies. Space Colonization Journal, Issue 9, 2014.


The problem of scientific equipment delivery to the small space from interplanetary spacecraft fair passage was considered. Mutual impact velocity at such approach may be several kilometers per second. Simple throw on the outer body with a “hard landing” on the surface will lead to the complete destruction of the Lander as the collision of the impactor of mission «Deep Impact» with the comet nucleus at a velocity of 10 km/s. The design of the penetrator, allowing to brake the unit with scientific equipment under shock penetrator interaction with the cosmic body and secure it in the test body, was suggested. The same construction of penetrator can be used for the anchor coupling of spacecraft to space body with the help of cable systems.

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