Sergey Bogachev

Giant UFO near the Sun is this reality or fiction?

Sergey A. Bogachev ( «Authors»)

Some pseudoscientific notes on the UFO subject are appearing nowadays, including a giant UFO near the Sun [1-8]. The author, as a leading researcher of the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute [9], has been studying the Sun for many years, participating in the TESIS project [10], unambiguously determines statements in the media about observed giant UFO near the Sun as being fiction.
Below the author gives facts proving groundlessness of the assumption about observation of a giant UFO near the Sun.
So, as can be seen from [1-8] in pictures provided by space telescopes, there are clearly visible space objects of an unknown origin around the Sun, behaving so specific that their artificial origin can raise doubts only in a complete skeptic.
These “spacecrafts”, which sometimes look like blurred points, and sometimes as extensive objects, make amazing maneuvers – for a fraction of a second they instantly move on huge distances of tens of thousands kilometers, constantly change their movement direction, and, in general, they stick to such strange trajectories that a reader or a viewer cannot even imagine the nature of this phenomenon. It is especially surprising that scientists, who are likely to see these things every day due to their work, don’t report anything about so amazing discoveries. The Author more than once read such notes and saw videos entitled as “NASA scientists hold back the truth” or “government keeps silent about extraterrestrials detection”, and every time, well knowing what it really is, he just wondered the fantasy of conspirology lovers.
Mysterious objects aren’t actually staying near the Sun, and aren’t in space at all, they are … inside a telescope on its filters. These are tiny dust particles, little damages, cracks, exfoliated metal parts that are inevitably present on any filter and lead to image defects (points or lines, those “spacecrafts”) when a luminous flux passes through them, . Why these objects move at such strange trajectories? It can hardly be supposed that a crack on a filter can roam it.
Why a created image is roaming? Actually, these microscopic defects don’t move in images captured from the orbit, – they are in the same place in the image all the time. However, the Sun moves. Due to beatings of a satellite axle pointed to a body under observation, the Sun image is constantly jumping in different directions – up, down, right, left. During image processing on the Earth this trembling is, of course, removed, i.e. the Sun on each image is moved by force to the image center. At that the Sun stands still in an image series, however, defects in an image that were immovable begin to jump keeping strange trajectories that charm the imagination. If you have time, watch such movies again and wonder the bizarre illusions being created by human eyesight.
And think also about the simplicity of “terrible secrets” explanation, which are being opened to mankind every day by conspiracy theories lovers, quasi scientists, and sometimes just charlatans. But the most negative thing in conjectures about a giant UFO near the
Sun is that they go to serious electronic tabloids [11-15] as truth in the spirit of Stanisław Jerzy Lec’s expression: “Never betray the truth. Change it”.
Love Sun, admire it, and love science.


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