Vladimir Dobrydnyev

That is the space colonization purpose?

Vladimir Dobrydnyev

In this note, the author easily explains why we need the space colonization.
Space colonization isn’t the far and fantastic directions of science and technology, but a real economic development prospect in the next 10-15 years.

Space colonization is important, because during of trying to create a delivery means (spacecraft):
first, the new adjacent industries are generating or attracting and it results new job creation;
second, to get a sense of its existence, the latest developments in the field of compositional/composite materials, including its with preassigned properties;
third, the production structure is rebuilding, because it is impossible to create the designs of the latest materials on older machines.

Replace the old machines comes, for example, laser and chemical and physical areas of the assembly structure. Further, at the moment, private American company SpaceX [1], received a contract with NASA for cargo delivery to orbit. This company managed to create a cargo launch vehicle SpaceX Dragon, but much reduced the value of goods output into orbit compared with an estimated cost of launches the NASA. Author of note is sure that in the next 7-10 years such private companies like SpaceX, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd [2], Orbital Sciences [3] will find a way of reducing the output good value into geostationary orbit! And this means that thousands of high-tech companies around the world can display their laboratories to orbit the Earth for obtaining high-purity or heavy-duty materials. For example, glass received in space is stronger than steel, many alloys, obtained in space, are cleaner. Besides, in space there density distribution alloys in layers, as in terrestrial conditions, which is essential for best material uniformity. Space colonization isn’t just other planets colonization, but the process of acquiring new technologies, which will help also with other planets settlement. Any project to colonize space is a project of technologies development, and the visible part of this project are interplanetary flights.

Appearance of personal computers gave such professions as managers of all levels, connected with data processing. Google appearance led to massive data amounts from around the world be structured set of search query, the social networks facebook.com and vk.com gave the appearance of the whole IT-business branches and reduced the information monopoly by any organizations. The appearance of private space companies will lead to real creation of a new production structure without the bulky machines. The companies will give the opportunity for the development of new services, serving space colonization. It’ll be a jerk comparable with the advent of Google. And, the last thing, the author finishes a note by drawing attention to the important problem. In Russia, as always, there is one problem to praise of those who went to Europe and the USA, where they created what were proud of Russians, but not to notice enthusiasts. The country lives in a continuous mode of copying and delivery technologies, with the huge outflow of brain drain from the country.

If in the next 10-15 years in the Russian Federation it will not be supported by the direction of Space Colonization private companies, nobody in the world won’t need the Russian «Proton» and other space vehicles for hundreds of millions of dollars, because the space economy will live on other prices, much smaller than tens of millions of dollars.


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