What is the difference between "space colonization" and "space exploration"?

Sometimes we receive complaints from the Space Colonization Journal readers. For example, what is the difference between two terms: “space colonization” and “space exploration”?
Let’s examine the difference between “space colonization” and “space exploration” terms. The Author uses technocratic approach that fits economic needs of States, society, corporations and consumption culture.
Because both terms have the word “space”, then, basing on mathematical linguistics, we will examine words “explore” and “colonization”.
Now let’s address a new explanatory word-forming dictionary of the Russian language of T. F. Ephremova [2]. To explore is to make ready for use. Now let’s examine the word “colonization” meaning. Colonization [lat.; see colony] – 1) settling and developing deserted and suburban lands of own country (internal colonization); 2) founding colonies and settlements outside own country (external colonization); 3) capturing any country or region, with exploitation, and sometimes extermination of the native population; transforming any country or region into a colony.
According to The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language, also called just Ushakov’s Dictionary [3], colonization is settlement and economic development of deserted suburban lands in the country (“internal colonization”), as well as settlements establishment outside (“external colonization”). It means that space exploration is part of space colonization process.
First, people are coming up with ideas, then they realize ideas in some specific implementation in the form of design, then, from many developments, they create technologies, these technologies are mastered by users. Before building a manned module on the Moon or Mars, it’s necessary to develop a generator producing air from the lunar regolith that can be used in lunar conditions. It’s necessary to make a laser data transmitter ready for use on space vehicles and etc.
The Author introduces his definition for “space colonization”. Space colonization is creating or finding conditions suitable for humanity in the universe during space exploration. Space exploration is making any development or technology suitable for practical use for solving various tasks connected with space.
For example, as in Russian and English physicotechnical language the thesaurus [4] (a conceptual dictionary) of scientists and engineers is almost the same because of education system commonality, then any message (for example, this article) that interacts with this thesaurus gives birth to almost the same understanding, so information is obtained from a submitted message. Thus, it is enough to define terms in Russian, so that they can be understood by English-speaking specialists, who were trained in the Anglo-Saxon education system.
By the way, according to Wikipedia, space exploration is identified with space exploration. A Screenshot is attached below.


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