Our thankfulness (By of the Space Colonization Journal)

The Space Colonization Journal thanks ISSN Centre of the British Library for consultations and advices. Also, journal thanks Digital Processing Team the British Library, in particular, Stewart Robenson, for assistance in our scientific publications deposit. Especially, we are infinitely grateful to the British Library, without of which our journal wouldn’t exist.

The Space Colonization Journal thanks Boris M. Shustov, Full Doctor(Physical and Mathematical Sciences), RAS Corresponding Member, Institute of Astronomy of RAS Director, for help in word and deed for journal on its creation stage. Boris was and stays the first RAS Corresponding Member, who has agreed to help, not referring to the fact that the journal was unknown.

The Space Colonization Journal expresses its thanks to the known space artist and astronomer Walter Myers for permission to freely use his space art in our journal. Journal also thanks Walter because he actively helps our journal with friendly advices. Walter is the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) member, prize-winner and laureate of three prestigious American premiums, he is working on such well-known and leading world organizations, as British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Discovery Channel, NASA, National Geographic Channel, Oxford University Press and others.

The Space Colonization Journal expresses its appreciation and thanks Emily Dingwall from Reference Services Division of the Library and Archives Canada and Patricia Klambauer from Digital Legal Deposit and Web Certification of the Library and Archives Canada for informative answers and a high level of care.